Tags & Projects

Tags & Projects

Life in the Alpujarras

In December 2002 I packed my pickup truck with my worldly possessions, my black labrador dog (Rocky - the original El Perro Negro) and headed south. I never looked back. The first place I arrived at was Lanjaron in the Alpujarras and funnily enough, I’m still here. I love the people, the culture, the tradition, the history, the weather and of course the wonderful Sierra Nevada mountains. I’m still living the dream. I have kept a record of my adventures here in the Alpujarras ever since.

Sierra Nevada, Spain

I first visited the lofty summits of the Sierra Nevada in April 2000. Predictably we were greeted with lots of sun and snow. It blew our minds and had us rushing back time and again for more. Since then I have had the pleasure of experiencing these mountains in all weathers, at all times of the year. I never tire of them

Patagonia Expeditions

Then all hell breaks out. What feels like hurricane force winds hit us face on. Any tracks left by the others vanish in seconds. We manage only a few steps at a time before we dig ice axes into the snow and brace ourselves for the next gust which tries to rip us off the planet. We have to keep going. We are beyond the point of no return and safety lies ahead of us not behind us. Daylight is running out, our energy is running out and we need to make camp

Kamchatka Expedition

During April 2013, members of the Spanish Highs team joined a Berghaus sponsored expedition led Berghaus athlete, Julia Pickering, attempting to make the first ski and snowboard climb and descent of the highest active volcano in Kamchatka, Klyutchevskoy Sopka (4750m). We were invited to join this Berghaus sponsored trip.

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Evrything else! From research into my grandfathers role in World War One to my favourite mountaineering quotes. Thoughts, and random inane scribbling with sometimes controversial ramblings. Also history of my family, memories of my father and grandfather.

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