The day I met an Ocellated Lizard

The day I met an Ocellated Lizard

A strange meeting with the incredible occelated lizard in the Alpujarras

9 May 2013 : About 1 min reading time

Me - Oh hello Lizard - I smell banana

Lizard - Don't mind me I'm just heading over here

Lizard - Ha fooled you, I'm going this direction instead

Lizard - I'm not sure I like having this camera in my face

Lizard - Change of direction again, I'm heading over here now, don't mind me

Lizard - I can can't I, I can smell banana

Lizard - Just pretend you can't see me

Lizard - I'm smiling for your camera

Lizard - I don't want banana anymore, I'm off to see what's over here. Me - You be careful out there in the open

Lizard - Just kidding, of course I want banana

Lizard - I'm on way

Lizard - So come on where is it. Me - Well you took your time, I've put it in a crack in the rock to keep you safe

Lizard - That's a great idea thanks

Lizard - Boo made you jump

Lizard - Thought I'd come and see what else you have up here

Lizard - Is that an apple I see in your bag

Lizard - I do really really like apple

Lizard - Take the shot and I'll do you deal

Lizard - How is this

Lizard - Right that's it I am off if you are not giving me apple. Me - okay be safe out there and nice to meet you


Lainy: We loved it, lots of giggles from the kids. Excellent photos. You were really lucky that he/she came so close. x

peejay: What a fearless fellow. I suppose he thought,"I'm too big to tangle with.",