Bee Eaters

Bee Eaters

The Bee Eater! A very pretty bird with a very distinctive voice

8 Sep 2009 : About 1 min reading time

I knew Bee Eaters were here in this part of Andalucia but I had never knowingly seen or heard them, now I do and I see them everywhere. They are a very pretty bird with a very distinctive voice and all I want to do is get a decent photo of them, what a mission that has become.

They fly over my home, up the valley, ive seen them on route to Cerro de Caballo, on route to Mulhacen, the road to Otivar, Sierra de Huetor, on the road to the electric station above Capileira, everywhere.

But can I get a good photo, NO I cant. They are timid and very flighty, they look beautiful as they fly over your head and the sun catches their colour but they just wont stay still long enough for you to creep up on them. Im begining to wish i'd never been introduced to them.

But we have a new weapon on its way, a bigger lense for our camera, now the only problem is hopeing that they don't all take off to Africa before the lense arrives! Below are a selection of my attempts so far to capture these flightly little devils.

And if you want to hear them watch the video on the post titled Khumbus new game and you will hear the Bee Eaters!

Bee Eater