A walk through a cork oak forest

Laura and I decided to go for a walk yesterday. She had recently been in this area and I said I would like to see the freshly harvested cork oak trees as I had never seen them. We met up in Orgiva, drove into the Contraviesa and parked at the restaurant of Haza del Lino. It was a beautiful autumn day, just perfect for walking, not too hot, not too cold, no wind and nobody else around.

We walked up through the cork oak forest, stopping to take lots of photos along the way. Cork oaks are the only … Read the rest

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Out of my comfort zone and onto the NW ridge of Tozal del Cartujo

This is my version of a day scrambling I had in the Sierra Nevada on the NW ridge of Tozal del Cartujo. Thankfully I was in the competent company of Richard, Felipe and Andrew, who all helped to keep me calm, make me laugh and make me feel confident. Yes I can do it.

The four of us met in Lanjaron and drove to the ski centre above Granada to catch the gondola to the middle station and then the chair lift to below Veleta (in July and August the ski chair lifts are open and give you a … Read the rest

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I got married!

Actually I’ve been married a month now. Richard and I ran off to Gibraltar and got married on 30th June. Paperwork had to be handed in to the registry office between 8.30am and 10am at least a day before the wedding, so we decided we would drive down on the 28th to get the paperwork sorted on 29th and the wedding was booked for the 30th.


Neither of us had been to Gibraltar before and we had a great time with Steph and Steve. Thanks to them both for kindly allowing us to stay with them and agreeing to be … Read the rest

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What night time visitors do we get in the garden?

Have you ever wondered what night time visitors you get in your garden? Well I did, I know we have them, they leave evidence behind, some more so than others! So I set up a camera trap that I’m lucky to have and hope never to have stolen.

wild boar

The original idea of having the camera trap was to locate where my Booted Eagle was nesting and attach it near there (obviously before nesting season so as not to disturb them), but that is still work in progress. In the meantime to learn how to use this I set it up … Read the rest

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How fragile life is

A poppy seems, to me, a good example of how fragile life is. I photographed these beautiful poppies in the morning, a few hours later they were gone, gone for good.


On Wednesday we were out in the eastern Sierra Nevada, as I slogged my way up a very wet and hot scree slope to the top I wondered why on earth I was doing this. I had to take a selfie on the summit of the mountain as Richard and Dexter had gone another route climbing up a snow gully and were not at the top when I got … Read the rest

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Sunset – the ever changing colours of the sky over Lanjaron

As you know living here in the Alpujarras, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, we are often treated to spectacular sunsets over Lanjaron (the gateway to the Alpujarras). March 8th was one of those evenings that didn’t disappoint. I took so many photos I thought I would share some of the forever changing colours. I have collected photos of the skies here for quite a number of years, you can view them at this link.











I even took a short video.

Why not come and see for yourself and maybe take a walk. Spring is the perfect … Read the rest

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A trip to Penon de la Mata

We had a recent trip to Penon de la Mata in the Sierra de Huetor north of Granada. From here you get spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada. So while a group of friends went off scrambling, I went off with another friend to see how much Spring had sprung and if I could locate my bogey bird the Ring Ouzel.

The Crocus nevadensis can grow above 2000m. It was once thought to be endemic to the Sierra Nevada, but it also grows in the Sierra de Huetor.

I nearly trod on this caterpillar. If you know what it … Read the rest

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Macro – February wild flowers

My website has had an overhaul, I hope you like it and if there are any problems do let me know. I will no doubt be adding more stuff to it over time, especially to the galleries.

Today’s post is of some more macro photos but this time of flowers. They are not perfect but I like them. I have named the flowers but if you see I have labelled one incorrect please do tell me so I can correct it.

These are all wild flowers that I see daily (when they are in flower) during my dog walk and … Read the rest

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Macro – Wasp

Someone on Facebook said “I think you should be selling your photos, not giving them to FB”. While I am not sure about selling them, it got me to thinking, yes why am I giving my photos to Facebook when I have a perfectly good blog here that I have neglected for quite sometime. So now I shall be putting my photos, that would normally go on Facebook, to my blog, usually once a day, but at least on here I will be able to put more photos on at a time.

So I recently came into possession of a … Read the rest

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The Kamchatka Expedition Part 6 – Last few days in Russia

Autumn is arriving here in Spain and another expedition is fast approaching so I thought it’s about time I finished this Kamchatka blog before the Patagonia expedition arrives.

24th April :- Richard’s birthday today and we have to go back to Petropavlovsk to the Centre of Migration for him to get his finger prints taken which they forgot to do last time. Elena arrives and we all head off for a tourist day in Petropavlovsk. It’s a grey drizzly day. We get the local bus into Yelizovo, then swap buses to get to Petropavlovsk. First stop is the Centre of … Read the rest

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