A holiday in Mallorca 2010

A holiday in Mallorca 2010

Had a weeks birding and walking holiday in Mallorca at the beginining of September

6 Oct 2010 : About 1 min reading time

Had a weeks birding and walking holiday in Mallorca at the beginining of September. Claire and my nephews were also on holiday and were leaving the day we landed. We tried to meet up in the airport but turned out an impossible task. Shame as it would have been great to see them all even if only for a few minutes.

This time a couple of friends, Dora and Dexter from the Isle of Man, joined us. A lesson learnt very quickly - Do not go to Mallorca for mountain and scrambling during the 1st week in September as its still too hot do much after 10am!!

Our first trip out to do the Cavall Bernat ridge scramble had to be aborted because a) we didnt get up early enough and b) it got to hot and we didnt have enough water!! So our holiday turned into not much of a holiday as we were up most days before it was light to get out and get the up hill parts of our walks done in the cool. But still we all had a great time.

In between and during mountain days I managed to snap a few bird shots. Richard has put together a video of us doing the scary Cavall Bernat ridge. No doubt we will be back in Mallorca again sometime soon.

A strange looking one this. Its a Purple Swamp-hen

Nice Greenshank

An Eleonora's Falcon on the island of Dragonera

One of the many hundreds of endemic Lilford's Wall Lizards on Dragonera

Didnt get treated to close up views of the Black Vultures this time but did see them getting chased away by some Ravens!