Macro - Wasp

Macro - Wasp

I love getting up close and seeing a completely different world. Today's post is of a wasp!

14 Feb 2015 : About 2 min reading time

Someone on Facebook said "I think you should be selling your photos, not giving them to FB". While I am not sure about selling them, it got me to thinking, yes why am I giving my photos to Facebook when I have a perfectly good blog here that I have neglected for quite sometime. So now I shall be putting my photos, that would normally go on Facebook, to my blog, usually once a day, but at least on here I will be able to put more photos on at a time.

The top view of a wasp, look how delicate his wings are

So I recently came into possession of a macro lens (thanks Steve Jones for the recommendation, do go take a look at Steve's photography it's stunning), which I adore. I love getting up close and seeing a completely different world. Today's post is of a wasp! Yes I know to some not the most exciting of insects and often one that we wave our arms about at trying to swat. Take a look at these photos did you even know they looked like this?

This one I just like because he/she tilted the head to have a look at what I was upto

I am still learning the art of macro, Okay not just macro but photography in general, it's a minefield and it blows my head up sometimes. Focusing, aperture, depth of field, metering, light, the need of a tripod for most shots (which I haven't used yet because most of the time I'm laying in the mud), the sensitivity to the slightest movement of the lens, just breathing will put the focus out.

A side view. No idea why only 2 areas are in focus - three if you include the back foot!

I hope you will enjoy seeing if, and how, I progress. You can click on any of the pictures to get a bigger shot and you can also check out my photos on Smugmug these are usually at higher quality. If you know what type of wasp this is please let me know.

 This head on shot is highly cropped. He kept moving so the focusing is not great. But hey does he have a mean mouth. Yikes.


Mark: Great pictures.I love macro photography, insects especially,

Rex Jarvis: A decent macro is on my shopping list. Playing with reverse lens macro at the moment.