How fragile life is

A poppy seems, to me, a good example of how fragile life is. I photographed these beautiful poppies in the morning, a few hours later they were gone, gone for good.


On Wednesday we were out in the eastern Sierra Nevada, as I slogged my way up a very wet and hot scree slope to the top I wondered why on earth I was doing this. I had to take a selfie on the summit of the mountain as Richard and Dexter had gone another route climbing up a snow gully and were not at the top when I got there.


I had two missed calls on my phone, I tried to phone my friend back, but with no luck, so I took a 360 video from the top. As you can see it was beautiful and worth the hard work of getting there.

I met up with Richard and Dexter about 20 minutes later and was told the devastating news about the sudden death of a close friend. How can that be, he was having breakfast with us watching the early Malaysian F1 GP on Sunday. It’s wrong, I am angry, incredibly sad for his family and myself, he was taken far to young. It is important that we live our life to the full as much as possible, our time on this planet can be far to short.


Goodbye my friend I shall miss you very much.

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