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Veggie News - White Broccoli

17 March 2009

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Today whilst out weeding, seeding and digging I wondered over to my failure of Broccoli plants only to discover that I have a white broccoli head appearing. I was given these plants from our friends David and Aspen, I lost most the plants to some disease but the surviving plants have now produced for me. Ive no idea how long I leave it on the plant for, I shall have to do some asking. The two pictures below show you the whole plant (huge) and the head.

Big Broccoli Plant
Big Broccoli Plant
White Broccoli head
White Broccoli head


admin: I know it looks like that to me to but I was told the plants would produce white broccoli. David is going to pop in and have a look to properly identify it next time he is passing. I have had cabbage from cauliflower seeds before so who knows :-)

Mum: Surely that’s a cauliflower, isn’t it?

admin: It has now been confirmed that the plants are broccoli and are the white sprouting peranial veraity. And I can eat some now!

Linda: I have a packet of seeds Yates Broccoli Late white hearting, beutifull taste not strong tast like cauliflower. I Live in New Zealand.

Claudia: Hi, I ended up with some white broccoli too, do you harvest it the same as green, before the florets space apart? and cook it the same? Thanks!

Kiersten: Hi yes harvest it the same as green broccoli I left mine too long and it went a strange shape and then got attacked by aphids. Hope you have better luck than I did.

Alison: I am glad I have found others with this variant of broccoli, mine sprouted from my compost. I also have turnips growing from the compost, although I have never grown them before, they must be a throwback, produced from radishes or rocket which I let go to seed. It’s such fun to get these unexpected surprises growing in the veggie patch.

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