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Tibet – Murder in the snow – Video

20 January 2011

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At the moment I’m reading a book called Murder in the High Himalaya by Jonathan Green. Its about a group of Tibetan refugees trying to cross the border into Nepal over the Nangpa la in 2006 and how the Chinese border guards shoot and kill. Many mountaineers were climbing on Cho Oyu preparing for summit day when the soldiers opened fired on the Tibetans. Most of the mountaineers kept quiet about the incident but luckily some risked everything in reporting this story.

Murder in the High Himalaya
Murder in the High Himalaya

I remember reading on a website in 2006 about this incident and was shocked and sickened at the report. But as time has gone by and more atrocities are happening across the world i’d forgotten about it. Reading this book has prompted me to write this piece and help raise awareness. Whilst searching on the internet I came across this video below. Murder in the snow is a 1 hour documentary, in 6 parts 10 minutes each, do watch it and read the book. If you are able to please pass it on to your friends, it is something that should never be forgotten. The Chinese government thinks it is above the laws of the rest of the world and human rights do not exist. Kelsang Namtso (the 17 year old nun who was killed) body has never been returned to her family but what the chinese did manage to do was send a picture of her naked bloodied body! If you want to find out more about Tibet then visit the website of International Campaign for Tibet. I guess I will never be allowed a climbing permit for the Chinese controlled Himalaya, but then again what do I care, why would I want to give my money to the Chinese so they can continue to slaughter the Tibetan people! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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