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An update on the chickens

07 June 2010

As you are aware we got chickens a few months ago so I thought I would give you an update on how they are getting along.

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Scorpion! - Buthus occitanus or Buthus ibericus

06 June 2010

So there I was minding my own business weeding away in the veggie garden, when I felt a sharp pain in my finger. I took my glove off to investigate what the problem was but noticed movement to my right ....... a scorpion making a run for it!

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We got chickens!

04 April 2010

We have discussed getting chickens for a good year now, first of all we decided we were not responsible enough to have some, then a couple of months ago we decided we were.

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You learn something new everyday!

28 February 2010

Having given up on the top veggie terrace a long time ago, I didnt even bother to remove old veg, broccoli of various types, potatoes etc. Well ive been up to the terrace and investigated what was happening up there, and things have grown!

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Never ending rain and a blocked drive

18 February 2010

Yesterday we ventured out in between the rain to go buy some plastic to try and stop the leaks in the house. It is then that we noticed our neighbours land was on the move and was partially blocking our drive.

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