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On the trail of the Quebrantahuesos!

06 October 2012

The Quebrantahuesos (bone breaker), Gypaetus barbatus, Bearded Vulture, Lammergeier, Lammergeyer or what ever you want to call it, is one of the rarest birds in Europe.

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An incredible encounter with Golden Eagles

23 February 2012

I had the most amazing Golden Eagle encounters yesterday. I was driving up on the Ventura track to extract some clients who had been on a 4 day winter mountaineering trip in the Sierra Nevada

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Bruno the Leonberger has bone cancer

13 August 2011

Bruno started out showing signs of lameness, over a week or so the lameness got worse. He went to the vet who took a few x-rays and diagnosed osteoarthritis. He was put on the anti-inflammatory tablets Norocarp. But Brunos lameness got worse, he cried in pain and wouldnt use his front right leg.

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2005 Fire above Lanjaron

02 February 2011

I got this video from Pepe’s blog. It shows the devastation to the Sierra Nevada from the fire above Lanjaron in 2005

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