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24 August 2008

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Just another little dig here at China! Before the olympic games protesters were asked to apply for permits to allow them to protest, it turns out that you still get arrested and jailed even if you have a permit!! China eh, what on earth is the prime minister of the UK doing to help the human rights abuse issues going on in Tibet/China, even the American president is starting to shout about things and thats amazing. Has anybody heard on the news about the latest killings of Tibetans by chinese soldiers?? No I thought not. To win the right to host these Games, China promised to honor the Olympic ideals of nonviolence, openness to the world and individual expression. Those promises were systematically broken, starting with this spring’s brutal repression in Tibet and continuing on to the ugly farce of inviting its citizens to apply for legal protest permits and then arresting them if they actually tried to do so. _Along the way, government critics were pre-emptively rounded up and jailed, domestic news outlets tightly controlled, foreign journalists denied full access to the Internet and thousands of Beijing’s least telegenic residents were evicted from their homes and out of camera range.

On Friday, the Chinese police confirmed that six Americans protesting China’s rule in Tibet had been sentenced to 10 days of detention along with a British woman._ Surely one of the signature events of these Games was the sentencing of two women in their late 70s to “re-education through labor.” Their crime? Applying for permission to protest the inadequate compensation they felt they had received when the government seized their homes years ago for urban redevelopment. For more information the on TRUE happenings visit ** **and just think, this could be happening to our country one day soon! Come on people dont turn a blind eye and think its not going to happen in our country because if these people get round to being the “super power” what do you think is going to happen to your lovely little sheltered lives, its time to wake up!

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